T4L Bullettin, DECEMBER


December 2014

Dear soldiers,
Let me start warmly welcoming all new members. New awesome friends, really!
We'll grow together, as players & as friends.

 Let me thank Chlome (Chlife) & Stesso who are helping to create new services!
First of all refund of Daily Order: you fill a form daily, send screenshot, between 0 and 6 erep time, and they send you 6 tanks Q7 and 60 food Q5.
Time limit has been put so you don't forget supplies in chat, when you can!
They're at 9, 12 and 15 erep time. Come in chat sometimes! It's where the heart of game is!

Chlome is also our new stylist. She created a wonderful new uniform, and it's the most stylish we ever had! Don't forget to ask for it! You'll be a top-fashioned erepublik soldier!

We also created T4L MISSIONS. Rewarded tasks that will introduce you in T4L (if you're a "rookie"), that will help you become a great soldier (if you're more than a rookie) or will make a perfect officer out of you (if you hold services in T4L). Don't waste a second! Apply for the missions! You'll have fun and get awesome rewards!

 I hope you enjoyed these news. We're making e-life funnier, when the game isn't much exciting itself. Friends do like this for their friends! More fun and big news are still to be given! Stay in touch!

T4L makes e-life sound good!